The World's Most Delicious Chips, Crisps & Crunchy Snacks

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You can't eat just one. Or even just one bag! This list of the greatest chips of all time ranks the most delicious chips (both corn and potato!) based on their size, texture, flavor, crispness, and packaging. Many chip lovers still hold on to their early love affairs with chips and few of us can honestly say we've watched a movie and NOT devoured an entire bag of this delicious snack food. But here's the real question: what are the best chips in the world? We need to know, and your votes will help determine not just the top 10 chips, but the complete list of chips and ultimate ranking of most popular chips. Have the best snacks delivered to you with these popular monthly snack subscriptions and the best international snack boxes.

The Dorito, Frito, and Lays lovers fit into this category. (For Dorito lovers, there is a whole separate debate going on about what is the best Dorito flavor). Others have moved on to artisanal chips, organic or natural chips, and gourmet chips. These chips are undeniably delicious, but when you have a craving for a greasy potato chip, do you really want something that is "all-natural"? That's a question you'll have to answer for yourself, because this list has them all!

How do you rank the greatest chip of all time? Do you go by dip-ability? Or the flavor of the chip by itself? Do you go by the size of the chip? Do healthy chips make better chips? All these very important questions could have mind boggling answers that shake the very foundations of science, snacking, and reality! The goal of this list is to put all of our chip-loving minds together and decide what is the absolute most delicious, best chip in the world. Go!

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