The Best College Movies Ever

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Vote up your favorite films about / set in college or featuring university students, classes, dorms, etc.

Any true college student should watch each of these college movies at least once. However we recommend watching each movie several times in order to be able to quote them on command. Some are so classic they're being made into musicals. These are the best college movies ever and they feature things that every college student would understand: booze, ditching class, chasing the opposite sex, and how to party hard. Good university movies really show how much fun you can have between studying for finals and writing papers. And while great college movies can come from any era, the '90s college movies on here are sure to be near the top of the list. If you are out of college and you miss it, these films about college life may just transport you back to your student days.

But which one's the best? You can help decide by voting up your favorite university films. Don't forget to vote down the movies that you think other fans of college movies should skip but only if you've actually watched. We don't want any cheating on this test.

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