The Best Dramedy TV Series

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These are the best dramedies of all time - but what exactly is a dramedy? Some shows are clearly dramas or sitcoms. Clearly. Because those are two genres that exist. Everyone agrees that they exist. Others are dramas with just enough quirkiness or funny time laugh jokes to categorize them as a "dramedy" - a creative combination of drama and comedy that just works. It just does. Because we are humans and we like to laugh and cry and we love dramedies. If we can do them both at the same time to accommodate our busy schedule of overeating and destroying the planet, even better! 

Proving that the sum can be greater than the parts, here is a list of the best of the best dramedies that have aired on US television, including everything from old favorites to some of the best new dramedy shows. What would you say the best dramedy of all time is? Scrubs, Monk, and Boston Legal all take classic TV drama genres and add laughs for a delightful dramedy mix. Do you see your favorite dramedies? Maybe you should vote for them and see if others agree with you.

These are the best dramedies. The greatest dramedy TV shows to ever grace the airwaves!

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