The Best Dystopian And Near Future Movies

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Films about what happens when society & civilization crumble, or the possible future that awaits us...

The best dystopian and near future movies are the films that make us a little more thankful for the Starbucks line every morning. These futuristic movies include some of the best alien movies, the best doomsday movies, and the greatest disaster movies of all time as they would play out after the rebuilding (or complete destruction) of society.

These near-future and dystopian films are all images of what the world would look like after a nuclear war, alien invasion, natural disaster, or some other earth-shattering uprising. From science-fiction films like Twelve Monkeys and Blade Runner, to action films like Mad Max and Children of Men, to revenge movies like V for Vendetta and The Hunger Games, this list of the best dystopian and near-future films gives us a glance into the best movies of the worst to come for the future of humanity.

What is the best film about a dystopian future? What movie best tells the story of a disastrous reality set in the near future? What is the greatest movie about the end of the world as we know it? Don't see your favorite end of days film on the list of the greatest near-future and dystopian movies? Make sure to add it so other fans can see your idea of what the best end of the world film really is.

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