The Best Bang-for-Your-Buck Cars to Buy

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Cars that are affordable and relatively cheap to fix

Over the last few years, the word "economy" has taken on many different meanings. The global economy has been deteriorating but fuel economy has been skyrocketing. Moreover, cars continue to raise in price. Then you have registration, insurance, and gas to add to the total. Considering all this, economy cars have become more and more popular as budgets continue to decrease and the need to save becomes ever more important. Small car brands make some of the best economy cars and this list has more than just the top ten economy cars, with lots of small car names for you to peruse. So, whether you're looking for something that's more fuel efficient or you just need a more affordable compact car, you'll find some great options on the list below.

Economy cars are designed to give you everything you need from a vehicle at a great price so that you can spend your money on all of life's other necessities. For many of us, we just want a car that won't break down right away and isn't costly when it inevitably does need some maintenance. In other words, we want reliable cars that won't break the bank. One of the best economy cars is the Toyota Camry. The Toyota name is synonymous with quality and reliability and even though there have been some very publicized failures on Toyota's part over the years, they have definitely stepped up to the plate in addressing all of the issues with their vehicles, and they've gone the extra mile to ensure similar issues don't happen again.

Of course, Toyota is far from your only option. While they do indeed make some great economy cars that can last years, they certainly have some serious competitors offering similar options. Ford, Subaru, and Honda are just a few automakers that offer a range of affordable and efficient cars, with long histories of making reliable vehicles. The Ford Focus, for instance, is widely considered one of the better options for economy cars—and you can even choose between a hatchback and sedan. Since safety is also key for many drivers, Subaru can also be a great choice. They have remarkable safety ratings and have long been considered a great company. In short, just because you're looking for an economy car doesn't mean you'll have to settle for something of lesser quality. Sure, they're certainly not luxury sports cars, but they can get you where you need to go for years on end. If you do your research, you may even save on gas with a more fuel-efficient option.

What is the best economy car? Other great economy automakers include Mazda, Kia, and Hyundai and all of their cars have their own good qualities. To some degree, it can come down to simple preference, as there are plenty of great and affordable choices. If economy cars bore you and you want to take a look at something more exciting check out the list of the best pony cars.

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