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YouTube channels focused on electronic dance music. Upvote the EDM channels with the highest quality content.

Everyone seems to be a YouTube star these days, and with the rising popularity of EDM (electronic dance music) it's no surprise that some of the top YouTube channels are home to EDM videos. This list of popular EDM YouTubers ranks the best of the best when it comes to channels focused on this new generation of electronic dance music artists. Following these channels will help you stay up to date on upcoming music. Who do you think has the best YouTube channel in the world of EDM? Now's your chance to vote!

There are many good EDM channels like MrRevillz and Epic Network, but are they truly the best? Of the many music channels listed below, all are popular on YouTube (with many having over 100,000 subscribers) but only one can top this list of the greatest EDM YouTube channels. 

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  • Proximity
    690 votes


  • Mr Suicide Sheep
    950 votes

    Mr Suicide Sheep

  • Nocopyrightsounds
    553 votes


  • Monstercat
    1,013 votes


  • Chill Nation
    454 votes

    Chill Nation

  • Dubstepgutter
    193 votes