The Greatest Shows About the FBI

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Vote up the best series that are center their stories on the FBI and federal agents.

The FBI has been the focus of many great procedural dramas. Which makes sense because The FBI are like super cops. The only thing more fun than playing cops and robbers is player super cops and super robbers which is basically what the FBI TV series on this list are. They're just great big games of super cops and super robbers. These are the best FBI TV shows that have ever been produced for the benefit of all mankind.

Looking for some new FBI shows to watch? Of course you are. Who isn't?! Take a look at this list and let it guide you to your next binge watching adventure full of guns and forensics and conspiracy theories and politics and FBI Agents that play by their own rules but get results.

What are the best FBI shows? Vote up the shows about the FBI you think are the best and see where your favorite federal agent shows rank.

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