The Very Best Fairy Tale Movies

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What are the very best fairytale movies ever made? The films on this list include some wonderful, classic tales. Some are based on actual fairy tales, and others are simply so fantastical they qualify. A great fairy tale movie manages to capture the movie goer's imagination with a compelling storyline, interesting characters and certainly, great acting (including voice acting). Which fairytale films are your favorites? Vote them up on this list, and be sure to add any missing favorites.

Disney movies immediately spring to mind whenever great fairytale films are discussed. For decades, Disney's animated tales of magical lands filled with colorful characters, including princes and princesses, and dastardly villains enthralled millions of movie fans. Oh, and yes, everyone lives happily ever after, of course.

But Disney's animated films aren't the only great fairy tale movies for kids--not by a long shot. Some truly excellent fairytale movies aren't animated at all. Examples? 1998's Ever After was a great, romantic take on the classic Cinderella fairy tale, both 2001's Shrek and 2007's Enchanted offered unforgettable nods to some of the best fairytale films ever made. And no list of the best fairytale movies would be complete without The Princess Bride, arguably one of the best movies of all-time--fairytales or not!

Some of the best fairy tale movies are primarily for children, but in recent years, several new, darker movies based on classic folklore tales have emerged, including 2011's Snow White and the Huntsman.

Enjoy voting on this list of the greatest fairytale movies ever made to officially determine which one is the best of all time!

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