The Best Female Hard Rock/Metal Guitar Shredders

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Lead guitarists only (e.g. no rhythm guitarists such as Joan Jett, Lzzy Hale and Nancy Wilson)

No more is the guitar a boys only club, and it’s about damn time we celebrate and recognize. From Leah Woodard and Aliases to the always incredible Nita Strauss, this list is all about talent. The frenzy of female fronted bands is a sight to behold and a leap forward from the 80′s and 90′s when metal bands were 95% testosterone. Despite all that, women who play instruments besides their voice are under-utilized and under-recognized.

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No list of brilliant female guitar shredders would be complete without the incomparable talents of legendary guitarists like Sarah Longfield, Liz Buckingham, Mia Coldheart and Lita Ford. This list also includes some incredible hard rock and metal guitarists you might not know -- but should. And to be fair, a lot of the women listed here should be on any list of the greatest guitarists of all time and the best metal guitarists and guitar teams -- not just because they're female.

Gender does not matter when it comes to natural musical abilities. Need more proof? Check out this list of the best female drummers of all time, or just vote on all the famous female guitar players on this list.
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