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The Best Female Characters On "The Simpsons"

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List RulesAny female character on The Simpsons, doesn't matter if they're recurring or only appeared once.

If there’s one thing every fan of The Simpsons fans wants to know, it’s what are the best female Simpsons characters. After all, there have been plenty of female characters on The Simpsons over the decades. Many, such as Marge or Helen Lovejoy, have become pop culture icon. Even rarely-seen female Simpsons characters such Mind Simmons have enjoyed small amounts of continued success. But who is truly the best female Simpsons character of all time? Check out the rankings below to find out!

Created 1987 as part of the Tracey Ullman Show, The Simpsons started off as a series of shorts and was eventually adapted into a 30-minute show in 1989. The show has been around so long that it is one of the longest running animated series currently still on air. With such a long run, it’s little surprise that the best female Simpsons characters are so well known. If you want to know what are the best Simpsons characters of all time, regardless of gender, then you'll want to check out this list of the greatest Simpsons characters.

Nearly all female Simpsons characters have been listed, no matter how big their role in the series and are all available for you to vote on. Fans of the show have voted for their favorites, so if you don’t agree with them, get started on voting! Don’t see a particular female Simpsons character listed? Add her so others may vote on her.