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List Rules Only female artists who currently have singles out, are on tour, or have new albums.

The best female singers currently performing and making some of the best pop songs of 2018 could easily be among the best of all time without contest. Including new female artists who are rising stars in music, these are the most talented female singers in the world (and some of the most successful female musicians as well) here for you to rank from best to worst.

These women represent some of the women who have sold the most albums, female singers with the most awards (including women who have won Grammys), female vocalists with incredible vocal ranges, and just some of the most talented women in entertainment. Some of these top female singers, like Florence Welch, are just becoming exposed to a wide audience, while others like Adele and Taylor Swift are known around the world for their vocal talents.

Featuring young pop stars, famous artists, black vocalists, and more, this list has it all! 

Who are the greatest female singers today? Which women are the best vocalists? Are the best female singers today the most popular girl singers ever? These are tough questions we'll attempt to answer with this list of the best current female singers. If your favorite female singer isn't on the list, make sure to add her so she can contend for the #1 spot as the top current female singer.

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19,914 14,959
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21, 1988, 19
14,349 11,266
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WarrenMitchell added Beyonce, 4, I Am...Sasha Fierce
14,658 9,617
Ariana Grande is listed (or ranked) 3 on the list The Best Current Female Singers
mosquito234 added My Everything, Yours Truly, Christmas Kisses EP
12,783 10,064
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The Fame, Born This Way, Just Dance
12,177 9,814
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Loud, Good Girl Gone Bad, Rihanna 3CD Collector's Set
11,312 10,001
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LanaTinaQueens added Back to Basics, My Kind of Christmas, Stripped
12,523 10,205
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M!ssundaztood, I'm Not Dead, Funhouse
8,836 7,982
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Remixed & Unplugged in A minor, As I Am, Unplugged
10,969 5,933
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Coolza added Some People Have Real Problems, Don't Bring Me Down E.P, OnlySee
9,699 6,791
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WarrenMitchell added Don't Forget, Here We Go Again, Demi
13,329 13,897
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1989, Red, Speak Now
9,653 8,582
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Breakaway, Stronger, My December
10,143 11,304
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Prism, Prism (Acoustic), Teenage Dream
8,119 6,794
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NormanBates added Live & Off the Record, Laundry Service, Where Are the Thieves?
6,702 2,927
Celine Dion is listed (or ranked) 15 on the list The Best Current Female Singers
Jerry Vond added Falling into You, These Are Special Times, Miracle
8,049 7,602
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Blown Away, Carnival Ride, Some Hearts
7,687 6,758
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MChi added Daydream, Music Box, Mariah Carey
6,896 6,264
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Born to Die, Paradise, Lana Del Rey
6,217 6,068
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Lights, Halcyon, An Introduction to Ellie Goulding
6,268 6,173
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Ralphie added Pure Heroine, The Love Club EP, Tennis Club EP
6,008 4,288
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Coolza added Domino, Alive, Who You Are
7,116 6,599
Madonna is listed (or ranked) 22 on the list The Best Current Female Singers
NormanBates added Rebel Heart, MDNA, Hard Candy
6,566 5,912
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radeo16 added Stars Dance, Shake It Up, Come & Get It
4,690 4,052
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Coolza added Love. Angel. Music. Baby., The Sweet Escape, The Sweet Escape
6,120 6,553
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nikosnikopoulos3 added ...Baby One More Time, Blackout, Oops!...I Did It Again