The Best Current Female Singers

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Only female artists who currently have singles out, are on tour, or have new albums.

The best female singers currently performing and making some of the best new songs right now could easily be among the best of all time without contest. Including new female artists who are rising stars in music, these are the most talented female singers in the world (and some of the most successful female musicians as well) here for you to rank from best to worst. This list of female pop singers has everyone from Beyoncé and Lady Gaga to Halsey and Billie Eilish.

The women on this list of female singers represent some of the women who have sold the most albums, female singers with the most awards (including women who have won Grammys), female vocalists with incredible vocal ranges, and just some of the most talented women in entertainment. Some of these top female singers are just becoming exposed to a wide audience, while others, like Adele and Taylor Swift, are known around the world for their vocal talents.

Featuring young pop stars, famous artists, Black vocalists, and more, this list of top female artists has it all! 

Who are the greatest female singers today? Which women are the best vocalists? Which American, Canadian, and English female singers are due for a banner year in 2021? Who are the best current female rock singers around the world right now? Are the best female singers today the most popular girl singers ever? These are tough questions we'll attempt to answer with this list of the best current female singers. If your favorite female pop singers aren't on the list, make sure to add her so she can contend for the #1 spot as the top current female singer. 

Most divisive: Britney Spears