The Best Foods to Throw on the BBQ

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Any food that tastes delicious when grilled or barbecued.

This list includes all your favorite foods to barbecue or throw on the grill, where you will obviously be cooking up tasty foods comparable to the best BBQ joints in the world. Though the terms "barbecue" and "grill" are used similarly in the US, the distinction actually refers to the length of time food is cooked above an open flame, smoke and wood chips, or charcoal. "Grilling" means the food is only kept over the smoke for a brief period of time, while barbecuing refers to a more lengthy, involved cooking process. Both methods produce meats and vegetables with a tangy, smoky, rich flavor and are popular particularly in summer months when the weather outside is desirable. (In the United States, barbecuing is closely associated with the summer holidays of Memorial Day, the 4th of July, and Labor Day, and the holiday weekends that accompany them.)

There is some debate about the secret to delicious barbecue. Some claim the most important thing is to marinate the meats or veggies that are going to be cooked (perhaps with your choice of one of the best BBQ sauces), sometimes for a full day before grilling. Others theorize that it's getting the exact length of time over the coals just right. Still other recipes call for adding sauce or other ingredients (such as a can of beer) to the BBQ items while they are on the grill. Regardless of your family's secret recipes, this list contains the best foods to cook on a grill or eat at a BBQ. It includes traditional fare like steak, burgers, ribs and salmon, as well as some unconventional barbecue suggestions, like eggplant or summer squash.

Vote for your favorite BBQ foods and if you don't see one that you love, make your own version of the list and throw it on there. And when planning your summer BBQs, don't forget to bring out the delicious summer cocktails and always remember to kiss the cook!

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