The Best 'Game Of Thrones' Characters

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This list of the best, most interesting characters from HBO's Game of Thrones series has been voted on by tens of thousands of GoT fans. Though the complicated study of power dynamics in the fantasy kingdom of Westeros may not have too many identifiable or even sympathetic lead characters, it has nonetheless produced a wide variety of compelling, entertaining and outsized personalities, from the brutal boy king Joffrey Baratheon to his diminutive but ingenious cousin Tyrion Lannister to their rivals, the Stark family of Winterfell and the "Mother of Dragons," Daenerys Targaryen. But which characters are the true fan favorites, providing the most memorable moments and unexpected plot twists? While it's inevitably that a certain Bolton is likely to get heavily downvoted based on the true evilness of his character, hopefully some of the more nuanced "not purely evil" characters will maintain high rankings based on the opinion of true fans (like yourself, dear reader!). 

HBO's Game of Thrones show is based on the Song of Ice and Fire cycle of novels by fantasy author George R. R. Martin. Martin has said that the series was partially based on the real "War of the Roses" that engulfed England in civil war in the 15th Century. Those conflicts concerned a rivalry between the houses of Lancaster and York, whose names clearly provided inspiration for the rival families of Lannister and Stark in the GoT universe. While this list is focused on characters from the TV series, voters who have both seen the show and read the books will probably vote somewhat differently given the additional nuance they will bring to their opinion of this unique ranking. This list ranks every major Game of Thrones character from best to worst, and given how many fans have voted on it, it's the definitive ranking of GoT fan favorites

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