The Best Genres of Music

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One of the biggest questions in the music world is what is the best genre of music? For many, this can be the source of heated arguments as everyone has their own opinion and tastes of what is good and what isn't. Today's music genres are more broken down and deeper than ever, which can cause multiple arguments for or against a different subgenre within a particular genre. For example, fans of alternative rock and indie rock could argue the merits of one particular brand of rock versus the other. These are both under the rock umbrella, but alas, they're separate genres.

The same thing can be said for hip hop and even heavy metal, where both can be broken down further. No matter what your outlook, taste, or musical preferences are, you can make a claim here on this list what the best genre is. These are the most popular and top genres of music. There are plenty of choices on this Ultimate List of the best genres of music, but only one can be considered the best. If you want to voice your support to why your favorite genre should be known as the best, then vote for your top choice. If you see a genre or even a subgenre missing from the list feel free to add it. That could be anything, as long as it's not on the list.
Most divisive: Rap/hip-hop
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  • Rock
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  • Classic Rock
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    Classic Rock

  • Hard Rock
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    Hard Rock

  • Alternative
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  • Púnk Rock
    2,083 votes

    Púnk Rock

  • Progressive Rock
    3,141 votes