The Greatest Characters on HBO Shows

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Characters from original HBO series. Fictional characters only.
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HBO has put out some of the most innovative and character-rich original series ever. These here, well they're the best HBO Original Series characters ever. HBO shows are character-rich in the sense that HBO actually has the means to let their characters be interesting, and flawed, and heroic, and shameful, and deadly, and helpful because they are a paid super DELUXE channel service thing and they don't have to worry about advertisers. That's showbiz, folks!

Anyway, thankfully HBO is HBO. Without it we wouldn't have Tony Soprano, or Tyrion Lannister. We wouldn't have Stringer Bell. Stringer Bell, you guys! You think Stringer Bell could be Stringer Bell on ABC? Don't think so. With every new show HBO releases come great new characters, like Fezco and Rue from Euphoria or the Roy family in Succession.

These are the greatest HBO characters of all time. Vote for your favorites and see if they can claim the top spot!

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