The Best Luggage Brands, Ranked by Travelers

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Whether traveling a little for pleasure or a lot for business, almost everyone uses luggage, and high quality pieces make all the difference. So what are the best luggage brands? What's the one luggage brand you will always trust? Some will choose the stylish and expensive pieces from Louis Vuitton while others will stick to the durable and functional pieces from Tumi, Samsonite, Travelpro, Delsey and Tourbach, and new companies like Away Luggage. Which luggage is best? You tell us travelers by making a list and voting for your favorite brands below!

Just like the best jean brands and the best boots, luggage is something that can be chosen either for looks or for functionality. Celebrities are often photographed by paparazzi at airports and accordingly choose their luggage based on the latest popular styles. Most luggage manufacturers take both form and function into account. Business people and the rest of us non-celebrity travelers will opt for what fits our needs best, from a small carry-on bag to save on the checked-bag fees to that giant suitcase for longer trips.

Whichever we choose, it's likely that we have a suitcase laying around here somewhere, hopefully from a good manufacturer we respect. Tell us what name brand of luggage is in your closet and why you love it by voting for the best brands! 

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