The Greatest Marvel Villains & Enemies Ever

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Villains from the Marvel Universe only. No other publishers.

The best Marvel villains are the men and women (not to mention any aliens, robots, and even siblings of heroes) at the root of the best superheroes' existences. These spectacular bad guys in Marvel Comics are the best of the worst supervillains and they're all listed here. The top Marvel villains on this list of baddies may not have been around too long as we've added new Marvel evildoers for you to vote on.

Marvel Comics has been around for over 75 years, and their Marvel rogues gallery is growing more and more with each comic book issue. What is it about the Marvel Universe that attracts all these comic book villains? Maybe it’s their jealousy of their comic book counterparts, or maybe something deeper. 

There are several elements that make a great Marvel villain: they have to be relentless in their pursuit of evil, unstoppable by normal crime fighters, and have an excellent backstory that makes you root for them almost as much as you root against them. These are characters that were introduced in the greatest comic books of all time and came to shape in some of the best superhero movies ever. Whether you like the bad guys with a relatable origin that lead to their destructive bent (Magneto), or a super villain that's super bad (Loki), there are some ultimate baddies on this Marvel villains list.

Who is the best comic book villain? Who is the best superhero nemesis? Who are the top Marvel supervillains? Vote on this list of the greatest Marvel villains and find out! If you think one of these super villains isn't worth a match-up with Squirrel Girl, vote them down. If your favorite Marvel bad guy isn't on the list, add them so they can compete for the title of the greatest Marvel villain.

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