The Best Movies Of 1980

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Only movies released in theaters in 1980.

1980 was a rock solid year for movies... these are the best movies made in 1980. From Airplane! to The Empire Strikes  Back, 1980 had it all. Even Raging Bull came out in 1980. From classic Hollywood 1980 movies to cult classics that came out in 1980. You'll find your favorite movies from 1980 on this list. Help decide which of these 1980 movies should be at the top of the list by voting up the best movies from 1980. Vote down any movies you've seen and think other fans should skip.

You'll seriously be amazed by how many legendary films, how many absolute classic films came out in 1980. From franchise sequels to originals that took audiences by storm, these 1980 movies are still great to watch even to this day.

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