The Best Movies Of 1983

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Only movies released in theaters in 1983.

More than 850 movie fans have come together to cast their votes for the best movies of 1983. From gripping dramas to classic comedies, this ranking of films from the year offers up a diverse mix of memorable titles that are sure to please all kinds of viewers. Notable entries include The Right Stuff, Scarface, and A Christmas Story; each one has become an iconic work in its own right.

For drama lovers there's The Big Chill - a moving story about friends reuniting after years apart who must grapple with unresolved emotions as they face the realities of adulthood. On the other end of the spectrum is National Lampoon's Vacation - starring Chevy Chase at his goofy best as Clark Griswold on a quest for family bonding gone awry. Other popular 1983 films include Return of the Jedi, Flashdance, and Risky Business.

These movies stand out not only because they entertain but also because they offer deeper insight into human nature and our shared experiences — which is why so many movie fans keep returning to them time and again. So take some time today to check out this list and see how your favorite '80s gems fare. Don't forget to vote up any flicks you feel deserve higher rankings on this definitive list.

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