The Best Movies Of 1988

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With more than 900 movie fans coming together to cast their votes for the best movies of 1988, this list provides a comprehensive overview of what made that year in film so special. From cult classics like Heathers and Die Hard to timeless favorites such as Big and Rain Man, 1988 was truly an incredible year for cinema.

Heathers is remembered fondly by many for its dark comedy and sharp dialogue, while Tom Hanks achieved superstardom with his Oscar-nominated performance in Big. And though it's often overlooked today, Who Framed Roger Rabbit? still stands out thanks to its innovative mix of live action and animation.

Rain Man won big at the Academy Awards that year, sweeping four major categories including Best Picture and Best Actor (Dustin Hoffman). In addition to these acclaimed titles there were plenty of other gems released in 1988; everything from classic horror flicks like Child’s Play to wacky comedies like Coming to America can be found on this list.

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