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List Rules Only movies initially released (or wide-released) in theaters in the USA on December 25th.

What are the best movies released on Christmas Day? In recent years, December 25 movie releases have become more and more popular, as millions of movie goers seek peace on Earth in quiet movie theaters, away from the hustle, bustle and crazy relatives. Yes, a Christmas Day movie is becoming a huge tradition for many. Major movies are often released around Christmas, but which ones were actually released on the holiday itself? This list includes some of the biggest films that came out on Christmas, so vote for your favorites and vote down any movies you didn't like.

The tradition of major films being released on or around Christmas day really kicked into high gear in the 1990s. Prior to this, a handful of big films had December 25 release dates, but usually only if that date fell on a Friday. Still, going back a few decades, one can find some incredibly brilliant Christmas day film releases, including To Kill a Mockingbird (1962), The Sting (1973), and Empire of the Sun (1987).

Just because a film is released on Christmas Day, doesn't mean it has a holiday feel-good theme. In fact, it may be just the opposite. Perhaps distributors realize that some people are totally burned out on the whole holiday warm and fuzzy stuff by Christmas night? Films like Children of MenHoffa, and The Godfather Part III all came out on Christmas Day -- all decidedly non-joyous flicks.

The gifts are opened, the food's been consumed and the football's been watched. What else to do? Sit in a nice, dark theater, sneak in some of the candy Santa brought you, and kick back with a great Christmas Day movie release, of course. Ho ho ho!

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To Kill a Mockingbird Robert Duvall, Gregory Peck, William Windom

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The Sting Paul Newman, Robert Redford, Robert Shaw

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Catch Me If You Can Leonardo DiCaprio, Amy Adams, Jennifer Garner

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Django Unchained Leonardo DiCaprio, Kerry Washington, Samuel L. Jackson

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Sherlock Holmes Rachel McAdams, Robert Downey Jr., Jude Law

131 37
Tombstone is listed (or ranked) 6 on the list The Best Movies Released Christmas Day
Tombstone Val Kilmer, Kurt Russell, Charlton Heston

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The Curious Case of Benjamin Button Brad Pitt, Cate Blanchett, Elle Fanning

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Children of Men Julianne Moore, Clive Owen, Michael Caine

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As Good as It Gets Jack Nicholson, Helen Hunt, Julie Benz

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The Sword in the Stone Alan Napier, Sebastian Cabot, Norman Alden

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Les Misérables Anne Hathaway, Amanda Seyfried, Hugh Jackman

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The Bucket List Jack Nicholson, Morgan Freeman, Sean Hayes

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The Thin Red Line George Clooney, John Travolta, Sean Penn

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Grumpy Old Men Ann-Margret, Daryl Hannah, Jack Lemmon

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The Talented Mr. Ripley Gwyneth Paltrow, Cate Blanchett, Matt Damon

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The Illusionist Tom Urie, Raymond Mearns, Paul Bandey

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The Aviator Kate Beckinsale, Leonardo DiCaprio, Gwen Stefani

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Magnolia Tom Cruise, Julianne Moore, Philip Seymour Hoffman

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Hoffa Jack Nicholson, Danny DeVito, Tim Burton

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Frost/Nixon Kevin Bacon, Sam Rockwell, Michael Sheen

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Logan2011 added Galaxy Quest Sigourney Weaver, Alan Rickman, Tim Allen

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Rolling Stone Lists added The Wolf of Wall Street Leonardo DiCaprio, Matthew McConaughey, Margot Robbie

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Marley & Me is listed (or ranked) 23 on the list The Best Movies Released Christmas Day
Marley & Me Jennifer Aniston, Kathleen Turner, Owen Wilson

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Patch Adams Robin Williams, Philip Seymour Hoffman, Monica Potter

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Empire of the Sun Christian Bale, Ben Stiller, John Malkovich

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Logan2011 added Jackie Brown Robert De Niro, Samuel L. Jackson, Quentin Tarantino

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The People vs. Larry Flynt Courtney Love, Edward Norton, Woody Harrelson

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Chaplin Robert Downey Jr., Milla Jovovich, Diane Lane

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The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus Johnny Depp, Jude Law, Colin Farrell

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Logan2011 added Stepmom Julia Roberts, Susan Sarandon, Ed Harris

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Ali Will Smith, Jamie Foxx, Jada Pinkett Smith

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Four Rooms Madonna, Salma Hayek, Bruce Willis

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ejlinehan added The Secret Life of Walter Mitty Sean Penn, Ben Stiller, Kristen Wiig

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The Godfather Part III Al Pacino, Diane Keaton, Bridget Fonda

17 16
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Logan2011 added Michael John Travolta, Carla Gugino, Andie MacDowell

25 38
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War Horse Benedict Cumberbatch, Tom Hiddleston, Emily Watson

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Match Point Scarlett Johansson, Jonathan Rhys Meyers, Emily Mortimer

23 36
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Altered States Drew Barrymore, William Hurt, Bob Balaban

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Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close Sandra Bullock, Tom Hanks, John Goodman

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Meet the Fockers is listed (or ranked) 40 on the list The Best Movies Released Christmas Day
trevorboller added Meet the Fockers Robert De Niro, Barbra Streisand, Dustin Hoffman

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The Jungle Book Lena Headey, John Cleese, Sam Neill

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Batman: Mask of the Phantasm is listed (or ranked) 42 on the list The Best Movies Released Christmas Day
MCLfakes added Batman: Mask of the Phantasm Mark Hamill, Dana Delany, Marilu Henner

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Rolling Stone Lists added 47 Ronin Keanu Reeves, Rinko Kikuchi, Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa

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It's Complicated Meryl Streep, Oprah Winfrey, Alec Baldwin

4 8
Mighty Joe Young is listed (or ranked) 45 on the list The Best Movies Released Christmas Day
Logan2011 added Mighty Joe Young Charlize Theron, Bill Paxton, Regina King

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An American Werewolf in Paris is listed (or ranked) 46 on the list The Best Movies Released Christmas Day
Logan2011 added An American Werewolf in Paris Julie Bowen, Julie Delpy, Tom Everett Scott

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Logan2011 added The Faculty Salma Hayek, Usher, Famke Janssen

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Kate & Leopold Hugh Jackman, Meg Ryan, Liev Schreiber

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The Postman is listed (or ranked) 49 on the list The Best Movies Released Christmas Day
Logan2011 added The Postman Kevin Costner, Tom Petty, Mary Stuart Masterson

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Evita Madonna, Antonio Banderas, Billie Piper