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The Best LOST Characters

The best characters on Lost, one of the most popular sci-fi series of all time. The premiere of Lost - one of the all-time greatest TV pilots - featured a spectacular plane crash onto a beach of an island somewhere in the Pacific Ocean. Within the first two hours of the episode, fans were introduced to complicated characters, violent out-of-place polar bears, and a mysterious beacon sending out a distress call in French.

With millions of loyal fans, the show went on for six seasons, marking it as one of the top cult TV shows. This list includes all of the major characters from Lost, from the initial survivors of Oceanic Flight 815 to the members of the Dharma Initiative, as well as many of the family members and villains viewers met along the way. And yes, Vincent, too. Vote up your favorite Lost characters from Desmond to Sayid to move them up the list so all will know they are the top lost characters, or press rerank to create your own order.