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The Best Pop Artists of the 1980s

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The 1980s was a huge decade in terms of breaking pop stars. 80s artists benefited from the rising popularity of cable television. MTV was a cultural phenomenon that became a kingmaker in terms of helping create larger than life 80s pop stars. Singers like Michael Jackson, Prince, and Madonna, largely considered three of the biggest 80s pop stars, were greatly impacted by these new outlets. Their iconic music videos revolutionized the way people consumed music.

In a sense, the 80s turned run of the mill musicians into major pop stars. Artists like Billy Ocean, Huey Lewis & The News, Rick Springfield, and Richard Marx all had brushes with fame during this decade—even becoming the top artists of the 80s. While the merits of their respective widespread fame and acclaim can be debated, no one can doubt or diminish their achievements as some of the biggest stars of the 1980s and most widely known and remembered 80s groups. Some of the decade's biggest pop artists and pop artists have endured to the present day. Bon Jovi, Journey, and the late Whitney Houston are examples of 80s singers whose music was able to endure and are considered classics from that time period.

Here is your chance to pick the best 1980s pop stars. This ultimate list will determine who was the greatest pop star of the decade, and it's up to you decide who takes the honor.

  • Whitney Houston1
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  • WHAM!2
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  • George Michael3
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  • ABBA4
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  • Madonna5
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  • Electric Light Orchestra6
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  • Michael Jackson7
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  • Boy George8
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  • Rick Astley9
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  • Alice Cooper10
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  • Bee Gees11
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  • Culture Club12
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  • Styx13
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  • Steve Perry15
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  • Linda Ronstadt16
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  • Paul Young17
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  • Joe Cocker18
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  • Ric Ocaseck19
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  • UB4020
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  • Frankie Goes to Hollywood21
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  • Don Henley22
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  • Lindsey Buckingham24
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  • Adam and The Ants25
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