The Best Saturday Night Live Characters of All Time

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Vote up the funniest characters and interpretations of real people in the entire history of SNL..

The best Saturday Night Live characters of all time include classic, unforgettable characters brought to life by the best cast members on SNL. The list itself is impressive, filled with hilarious characters from the greatest SNL shows from the 1970s, 1980s and beyond. Whether it's men like Eddie Murphy's Buckwheat, Chris Farley's Matt Foley or John Belushi's Samurai, or female SNL characters like Rachel Dratch's Debbie Downer, the characters on this list represent the absolute greatest - those that made us laugh for days after the show aired. This is a vote ranked list, so be sure to cast your vote for your personal favorite SNL character ever (and vote down any characters you don't like). If you don't see your favorite popular SNL characters on the list, feel free to add them!

Saturday Night Live's original sketch comedy represents some of the funniest ever on television. Since the show first aired in 1975, so many talented comedians and actors have given their all to make sure everyone kept laughing. Whether it's the recurring characters from the early years like The Coneheads and The Blues Brothers, or more modern classics like Chris Kattan's Mango, Adam Sandler's Opera Man or, more recently, Bill Hader's Stefon, all are memorable and all are truly funny. Can't forget about Mike Myers, too! 

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  • Alex Trebek
    Will Ferrell
    4,230 votes
  • Chippendale Auditions Dancers

    Chippendale Auditions Dancers

    Patrick Swayze, Chris Farley
    2,919 votes
  • Roseanne Rosannadana

    Roseanne Rosannadana

    Gilda Radner
    3,299 votes
  • Matt Foley
    Chris Farley
    5,158 votes