The Best Current Soccer (Football) Teams

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Includes professional soccer or football teams. No "national teams" or amateur associations.

This list of the best current soccer teams is a compilation of soccer clubs from around the world put together to determine the best football team out right now. These football clubs represent a variety of nations, divisions and leagues, making exact comparisons difficult at times, but never impossible. Despite the global popularity of football/soccer, the majority of the high-performing teams on this list are from Europe.

National teams, of the sort of that would compete in Olympic events, the UEFA Championship or the FIFA World Cup, are not included. Teams that are included, though, represent some of the greatest sports franchises of all time with some of the best soccer players ever still gracing the fields of these great soccer teams. What are the good teams this year? What European or South American football club is the best right now? Which are the greatest famous football teams in the world?

Vote for your favorite football team on this top clubs list and find out. If the names of your teams aren't on the list of the greatest current soccer teams, make sure to add it so your squad can compete for the title of top soccer teams right now.


Most divisive: Juventus F.C.
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