The Best Soccer Goalies of All Time

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Strikers much of the glory, but the foundation of many soccer teams is built on the strength of having an outstanding goalkeeper. The best goalies are the biggest difference makers in soccer. They can help cover the warts of an average team by their ability to prevent other teams from scoring, which gives their team the best possible chance at winning. After all, if a great goalie can prevent a team from scoring, then their team has a great shot of scratching out the one goal necessary to win a match or even a competition. The best goalies can literally save the day for their team, especially during high pressure moments like breakaways and penalty kicks. The best soccer goalies often times are taken for granted because of their steadiness and the stability they provide for a team's defense.

The best soccer goalies can literally elevate their teams. Real Madrid's Iker Casillas, Chelsea's Petr Cech and former Manchester United keeper Edwin van der Sar are all considered the best goalies of the past few decades and their clubs have the trophies to prove it. Gordon Banks is long considered one of the best goalies in the history of the game. Banks is revered in his native England due to his contributions to the 1966 World Cup winning squad, the country's only title in the world's biggest competition.

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