The Best Songs Of All Time, Ranked

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The best songs of all time, regardless of genre.

Everyone always wants to know what are the best songs of all time, so it's only fair to get as many people to weigh in as possible. To that end, music lovers have voted for their favorite songs of all time, from the earliest recordings to the latest radio hits. For this list, we’re not looking for the best-selling singles or even the most streamed songs.

What people really want to know is simply what are the most popular and best songs of all time. So even if you think Rick Astley’s seminal hit Never Gonna Give You Up is the best song ever, it’s allowed. But we do have to question your sanity.

Both ensemble performances by bands and solo performances are allowed, along with covers and remixes. And really, that’s for the best because the original singer may not have been the best. But to find out which version is truly better, let’s see which one is higher on the rankings.

If you’re more interested in a particular subgenre, then you’ll want to check out these lists of the best rap, drum and bass, cartoon theme songs, Christmas songs, and rock instrumentals of all time. For a more all-inclusive list however, regardless of genre, then look no further than this page. This ranking cares not about genre.

So go ahead and vote for what you think are the best songs of all time. If you don’t see your favorite song listed, simply add it for others to vote on. If you’re not sure if a particular song is on the list, use the search box to find out. So without further delay, vote for the best songs of all time below!

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