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What are the best sports brands? How does Nike compare to Spalding? Let's face it - sports equipment and athletic attire is a billion-dollar industry. Everyone knows someone who plays sports. Therefore, it's well worth your while to research the biggest sports brands in the world and make sure they're putting out the best sports gear for the masses. To ensure you get the highest quality products for your money, browse the famous athletic brands listed below before making a purchase. 

When it comes to great sports brands and businesses, having the best logos and slogans are hugely important. Oftentimes, famous athletes turn lesser-known companies into the biggest names out there. Some of the greatest athletes of all time in their respective fields tout the wonders of Reebok, the fit of Under Armour, or the reliability of Adidas. Are the big sport brand companies with celebrity athletes spokespeople necessarily better? Or are the more obscure brands without the glitz and glamour of celebrity endorsement putting out quality products as well? Remember, it's not all sports apparel brands - Wilson, Everlast, and even Dick's Sporting Goods are known for their quality sports accessories. Gatorade may not make anything an athlete wears (unless they win a big game) but their beverage and food products are a vital part of any athlete's game. Help decide the best sports brands below! 

This list highlights these sports equipment, clothes, and athletic apparel vendors. What are the best sportwear brands when it comes to price, quality, and design? You decide which should be on top of the list with votes! You can also rerank this list, changing the order in any way you like.

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