The Best Sports Personalities on ESPN

Unlike our list of the Worst ESPN Personalities, these personalities and pundits give the finest viewpoints ESPN has to offer. Their clever insight, bulldog reporting, and long time experience gives the sports network the credibility it needs to sustain a strong viewership. There's no clear formula to measure to figure out who is the best sports personality. ESPN is lucky to have a good mix of hard working, trusted investigative reporters and savvy sideline reporters who often times have access to the best players and biggest names in sports. In studio, ESPN has the best mix of insightful hosts and former players who maintain strong locker room contacts and unique takes on specific stories.

Of ESPN's deep roster of former players, Ron Jaworski's coverage of the NFL is the network's best. A tireless worker, the former Philadelphia Eagles quarterback breaks down film of each game to give viewers an understanding of why a certain play unfolded in the manner it did. He is considered one of the top analysts in all of football. The same goes for Tim Kurkjian on the baseball side. Kurkjian will get scoops and inside information that other insider reporters clamor for. Unlike others, nearly 90 percent of the stories Kurkjian gets are accurate. In terms of pure personality, two of ESPN's most popular are Tony Kornheiser and Michael Wilbon of Pardon The Interruption. This talk show spawned multiple copycats, but none can match the chemistry that the two long time friends have.

This is your opportunity to vote up the best ESPN anchors and personalities. There are plenty of good options here so it's up to you to help select who is the top ESPN personality on this Ultimate List.
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