The Best Starting Pitchers of All Time

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Only starting pitchers. No closers or middle relievers

The best starting pitchers in baseball history have one vital quality in common: their ability to win. There are so many different ways to define a great pitcher: pitch velocity, outstanding command of their pitch locations and can have ridiculous movement on their breaking stuff. The best starting pitchers have a special quality that makes them more dominant than their contemporaries. They have the rare ability to reach back and get a key out when it's absolutely necessary.

Many baseball fans love a starting pitcher who can throw in the high-90s and even low-100s. Throughout his 27-year career, Nolan Ryan hit those high-water marks. The pitcher nicknamed the Ryan Express is widely considered one of the best power pitchers of all time alongside Bob Gibson, Pedro Martinez and a few others. On the opposite side sits pitchers like Greg Maddux and Tom Glavine from the successful Atlanta Braves teams from the '90s. These pitchers were able to make up for their lack of pitch power by having arguably the best pitch placement in baseball history.

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