The Best Stoner Movies

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The best stoner movies in film history are some of the funniest, most awesome, coolest, craziest, most... I think I forgot the rest. Those are the breaks with weed, man. Oh yeah, weed movies: some of the movies on this list of the greatest stoner films are among the best movies of all time and feature some of the most influential stoners in all of film. Whether you're looking for an absurd moment in movies or something so funny you'll laugh even if you're not stoned, these great movies with weed have a little something for everyone.

From the great stoner comedies of Harold and Kumar to last day of school party epic Dazed and Confused, the top stoner films of all time bring the best stoned characters into our households with a contact comic effect. All the top weed films have comedy, tragedy, weed (obviously), and guarantee you'll have as much fun watching them as you would smoking a bowl yourself. Or maybe you're going to smoke and watch the movies. Your TV, your call.

What is the greatest stoner movie ever? What is the best weed smoking movie? Since everybody has different experiences and expectations from all things weed related, naming the best marijuana movie could be a highly difficult task. Or not. Vote up your favorite good stoner films and see where they rank. Then check out this list of celebrity weed brands for the occasion - some of these celebrities are even stars from the best stoner movies, like Seth Rogen of Pineapple Express.

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