The 55+ Best SciFi TV Shows

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Vote up your favorite live-action American science fiction or fantasy tv series that heavily feature teen characters (or at least the series started that way).

Teens can be some of the most loyal television series fans. Can be. Sometimes they're too busy on their iPhones and pirating music to watch TV. But, not all teens are hormonal nightmares... they're just complicated. They're about as complicated as these great teen scifi shows. These greatest teen fantasy shows of all time. What does that mean? It means that these shows are about teens are in the middle of finding themselves and these great shows help them shape their identity. Are they a Buffy person? Or is The 100 more their speed? This is the second most important question when you're a teen - just behind, "what music do you listen to?"

Some of the best fantasy shows of all time are primarily made for a teenage audience. That being said, it's up to you, Rankers. Which of these teen sci-fi fantasy shows is the greatest ever? Remember, just the shows that have mostly teen characters - even if the actors tend to be a little older than high school.

Most divisive: Kyle XY
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