The Best USA Network Original Series

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Like many basic cable channels, USA Network has its share of syndicated programming but the USA Network original series stand out above the crowd with a unique blend of true crime, reality, comedy-dramas, and thrillers. This list of all the USA Network originals is ranked from best to worst, based on your votes. USA network was perhaps the first cable network to really invest in creating quality original programming.   Once a minor player in the network game, it's the original series that have brought USA Network acclaim and a place next to other subscription-television networks such as TBS, TNT, and FX.

One of USA Networks best original series, Mr. Robot, is a stylish thriller starring Rami Malek. The comedy-dramas Psych and Monk both focus on fighting crime and dealing with quirky detectives. Other good USA Network originals include Burn Notice, Queen of the South, and The Sinner. Early 2000s USA Network show The 4400 has even been rebooted (sadly on another channel).

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