The Most Bloody Good Vampire TV Shows Of All Time

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These are the best vampire TV shows of all time, according to fans of the supernatural and undead. Everyone loves these undead denizens as they’re a good stand in for liberalism and damn fun to watch. According to Daniel Bernardi, vampires represent all things the political right fears about the left. But politics aside, they make for both good heroes and villains. Our popular culture has embraced them in basically all facets of media. The shows on this list have at one point featured vampires—though they may not be strictly about the bloodsuckers. But which are the best?

Because so many of the best shows on TV recently are about vampires, it seems they’ve taken over popular culture. This resurgence was fueled in part by vampire movies such as Twilight, but the supernatural has always been popular on the small screen. Just look at shows such as The X-Files or Charmed. They’re not strictly about vampires but have featured them quite a bit.

Another common thread you’ll find throughout these top vampire TV shows is werewolves. For some inextricable reason, TV shows that have featured vampires almost always put them at odds with werewolves. In True Blood, they’ve been rival factions for what must be centuries and in The Vampire Diaries, they’re natural-born rivals due to biological reasons. The television series of the popular film What We Do In The Shadows also sets the two creatures of the night against each other.

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