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The Best Video Game System Controllers Ever

In addition to providing hours of non-stop fun and entertainment for gamers around the world, the best video game system controllers ever also give a quick history lesson into the evolution of video game consoles. Video game consoles, such as the early models like Atari up through the more recent releases like the Nintendo Wii, and their unique controllers come and go throughout the years and each brings something new to the table. But each had something in common in that they all had a controller. Which video game controller is the best ever? You decide gamers. Tell us by voting for your favorites and adding comments below.

Some of the earliest video game controllers, such as the ones used by the Atari 2600 and ColecoVision, were large, clunky and wired, each with a directional joystick and a few simple buttons. A far cry from the sleek and ergonomic controllers we see today, these early controllers provided plenty of room for improvement.

Enter the Nintendo Entertainment System. The classic controller for the NES console was simple. It included a directional pad and just four buttons. It wasn't much, but it fit nicely in the hands and certainly got the job done. Nintendo took the NES controllers a step further with the introduction of the light zapper, the power pad and the robot-looking device known as the power glove. These additions didn't really catch on, but make for collectors items today.

As video games evolved, the controllers became more advanced and more complex. Multiple joysticks and directional pads were added as were a number of buttons. Many, such as the latest controllers for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, lost their cords and went wireless, allowing gamers more flexibility when playing their favorite games.

The wireless gaming revolution went a step further with the introduction of the Nintendo Wii. No longer was gaming restricted to pressing buttons but now opened up to moving the controller to participate. Not to be left out of the party, Microsoft got in on that sensation with motion-sensing technology of their own by eliminating the controller completely with the Xbox Kinect system.

While video game controllers may be a thing of the past with motion-sensing technology on the rise, these favorite controllers, just like the classic consoles they represent, will be in our hearts forever.