The Best Vodka Brands

Vodka is one of the best liquors out there, for a variety of reasons. Some love its bitter, subtle tastes. If you're watching your caloric intake, vodka is one of the lowest calorie liquors. And, not to mention, it's potent. All vodka must be a minimum of 37.5% alcohol to be considered vodka by European standards, but most traditional vodkas are 40% alcohol (AKA - 80 proof). If you're a lover of this Russian alcohol, you're probably on the hunt for a good vodka brand as your go-to.  

Vodkas have distinct flavors related to how they're produced. Some vodkas are produced from grains such as sorghum, corn, rye or wheat. Others are made from potatoes, molasses, soybeans, grapes, rice, or sugar beets. This affects the flavor, as does the rest of the process. After harvesting ingredients, they are then placed in a still and filtered a set number of times. The amount of time changes the taste, as do any flavors added during this process. 

Since all of these factors come into play, different kinds of vodka have different tastes. Popular providers all think they have the best tasting vodka, but which top shelf brands are actually telling the truth? Here, you can help fellow vodka lovers identify the best of the best. Ask yourself - which vodka should you spend your money on? Should you go with a flavored vodka, like the varieties produced by Svedka, Pinnacle, SKYY, and Smirnoff? Or maybe a more traditional vodka like Belvedere, Friis, Sobieski or Grey Goose?

This list is to help determine the highest quality vodka - through votes from Ranker users who have actually imbibed! Featuring vodka names from all over the world, these vodka rankings have them all! Vote up your favorite and vote down the vodka names that just miss the mark. And if it’s vodka’s tasty cousin whiskey you crave, check out these lists of the best bourbon brands and best scotch brands.


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