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The Best Zombie Related TV Series

List RulesScripted television series that feature zombies as a part of the plot.

These are the best zombie TV shows of all time, according to fans of the undead. There's something special about these shambling denizens - whether they move fast or slow or are the result of the supernatural or a super-virus. According to Adam Lowenstein, zombies are our "most working class monsters" and the popularity of zombie stories surges alongside economic anxiety. Politics and theorizing aside, zombies make for a great television plot device and motivating monster.

One of the biggest themes in the best zombie shows is a rag-tag band of survivors getting together and combining forces against the undead horde. Walking Dead and Z Nation both embrace this classic story, serving up action and drama to an equal degree. But, zombies aren't always the bad guy, even if they have unideal urges. Both iZombie and Santa Clarita Diet feature protagonists that are members of the living dead and still intend to live life to the fullest.

To find out which TV show about zombies is the best of all time, we’re asking everyone to vote. So, use that delicious brain of yours to vote up the best television shows featuring zombies.

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List Rules: Scripted television series that feature zombies as a part of the plot.