The Best Internet Browsers

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Internet browsers currently available in the US

This list of the best Internet browsers is a compilation of the best browsers to use on the internet. Some of these are the most used internet browsers while others are specialty web browsers for internet users with specific needs. These top Internet browsers are what users choose as their gateway to the internet and they are ranked on this list of the top browsers from best to worst, based on performance and user satisfaction.

While many people simply use the browser that came installed on their computer, there are many options for internet browsers that could potentially be more compatible with a user's needs. Whether you're seeking the fastest internet browser, the internet browser that crashes the least, or the easiest internet browser to use, this is a list of all the top internet browsers available to roam the web.

What is the best Internet browser? That's a subjective question for many, though most would agree the best web browser that allows you to surf the web fastest and is dialed in to your personal internet needs. Is one Internet browser better than others? That's the question this list of internet browsers answers. If you don't see your favorite Internet browser on this list, make sure to add it so that others looking for the best browser to surf the web are made aware of its existence. Also make sure to vote for your choice of the best web browser so it can make it to the top of the top web browsers.

Still not satisfied? Maybe you need a new computer to go with your flashy new browser. If that's the case, make sure to check out the best laptop brands and the best electronics shopping websites.
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