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The Biggest Crybabies in Basketball

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The biggest crybabies in basketball are the professional and college basketball players who constantly pout after a loss, bicker with the officials after a call and generally whine like a little girl when they don't get their way. These NBA and NCAA athletes are some of the best basketball players in the game today but from time to time act like spoiled little brats with their tantrums and outbursts.

Crybabies in the NBA come in several varieties, not that one type is less annoying than the other. From those who will sit on the bench with their hands over their face and bawl as their team loses, like the aptly named "Big Baby" Glen Davis of the Boston Celtics, to the NBA All-Stars who have to argue each whistle, like Mr. "I'm taking my talents to South Beach" LeBron James and Mr. "I did not sexually assault that woman" Kobe Bryant, these crybaby basketball players all show some inflated sense of entitlement with their words and their actions.

Not all of the crybaby basketball players are simply sissies crying out for no reason. Every once in a while there comes a time when it's actually reasonable for a big, tough, professional athlete to cry. Everyone remembers Michael Jordan breaking down after an emotional week in which he lost his father and won his first NBA title. A good cry is also more acceptable in other situations where a loss is painful, either emotionally or physically, such when Dwyane Wade cried after dislocating a shoulder.

Just for the record, when you lose a game, crying on the court before time expires, like Adam Morrison did in college when his Gonzaga Bulldogs lost to the UCLA Bruins, falls in the uncool pile. The same goes for athletes crying at press conferences. Unless you're announcing a retirement, leave those tears at home guys. Come on basketball stars, many of you are already the top NBA players of all-time and don't even get me started on your hot NBA wives. Tell me again what you have to cry, whine and complain about?