The Best Bird Characters From Cartoons & Comics

Vote on your favorite birds from cartoons and comics. These are the most famous cartoon birds that have ever existed, so, who is your favorite famous cartoon bird? Tweety Bird? Darkwing Duck? Daffy Duck? This list is full of some of not only the greatest birds in the history of bird cartoons and comics, but some of the greatest animated characters of all time in general.

Looking to name your bird? Why don't you try consulting this list. After all, these are the most popular bird names and the the most famous bird names. You wouldn't want your bird to feel like they have a dumb name.

This is the definitive bird cartoon list. From disney birds to chicken characters, you won't find a better list of animated avians anywhere on the internet. 

Vote for your favorite cartoon bird now, and feel free to add any to the list. 

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