The Celebrities You Most Want To See Play Survivor

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Celebrities who are either superfans of Survivor, need the money, or have some other plausible motive for being on the show.

Celebrities you want to see play Survivor are the oddest, most high-profile and just plain interesting celebrities who you'd like to see rough it out on the popular CBS reality show Survivor. Who are some famous people that either need the money, or are non-wussy super fans and would sign on for an American version of Celebrity Survivor?

Vote for your favorites below or add any others you'd like to see outwit, outlast and outplay! Some of these celebrities were picked simply because they are our favorite actors and actresses like actors Steve Carell and Tina Fey. Others were placed here because they could use the money. It's no secret that people like Nicholas Cage and Mike Tyson have seen their share of money problems. Even others are simply great fans of the game, like Neil Patrick Harris. But the real fun comes when these potential celebrity Survivor contestants were selected for being a train wreck to begin with and the hilarity that would follow when they're taken out of their comfort zone and put into the jungle.

Who wouldn't want to see Ozzy Osbourne mutter around on a beach with little food and physical challenges? Celebrity douchebags would make for quite the interesting season, don't you think? We've already seen people with some celebrity status become contestants on Survivor. Jimmy Johnson, Lisa Whelchel, Taj George, and Jeff Kent are all examples of castaways with some status going into the game.

So far, at least in the American version of the long-running show, there have not been any really high profile stars to sign on for the survival-style show and that's too bad. 

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