Cities That Should Have a Baseball Team

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Cities in the United States and Canada currently without an MLB team only

Cities that should have a baseball team include the large metropolitan areas in the United States and Canada that are currently lacking a Major League Baseball team but certainly could make a good case as to why they deserve one. Currently, the MLB fields 30 teams and attracts an average of more than 30,000 fans per game, second only to attendance of the National Football League. With a draw like that, it only makes sense to bring America's pastime to other big cities across North America.

Many of these cities have baseball teams currently, home to minor league teams, but as of the 2012 season, none of these areas enjoy a MLB team. Columbus for instance has the Clippers in the International League. Indianapolis also has an International League team with the Indians. The Portland Sea Dogs play in the Eastern League while the Oklahoma City RedHawks play in the Pacific Coast League. All of these cities have baseball teams, but there's a certain bit that is left desired between having a minor league team and one in the big leagues of the MLB.

But even worse than having a minor league baseball team is not having one at all. Some formerly were home to MLB teams only to see the team move to another location for one reason or another. The Montreal Expos are the most recent example of that having been the first MLB franchise outside of the United States and existing from 1969 to 2004. Alas the Expos faced a multitude of issues and relocated, interestingly enough to America's capital, Washington DC.

Whether these cities are simply big, deserving American cities like Buffalo, New York, Indianapolis, Indiana, and New Orleans, Louisiana, or worthy cities in Canada like Montreal, Vancouver and Ottawa, each of these metro areas could easily support a Major League Baseball team. Live in a great city that deserves a professional baseball team? Vote for the cities you think deserve an MLB team! Who knows, maybe one of them will be home to the next greatest baseball player of all time.

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