Cities That Should Have a Basketball Team

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U.S. cities who do not have an NBA team, but should

Does your city deserve a professional NBA team? Here is a list of cities that should have a professional basketball team, but for one reason or another, don't. These cities are either big enough to have a team or have many sports fans who live there who want a team. From metropolises like Seattle that had a franchise but lost it, to strongholds of other sports franchises like St. Louis and Pittsburgh, there are plenty of cities in America that don't have NBA teams that should.

What cities don't have NBA teams? What cities should get NBA expansion teams? It's possible that some of the county's best basketball cities are toiling way without a professional team! If you have an opinion, you can add to this list of cities that should have NBA teams and share it with your friends. Who knows, maybe one of these cities without NBA teams will get one because of you.
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