The Greatest Comic Book Movies Of All Time

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This list of the best comic book movies ever, is ranked by fans of both comics and movies and needs your votes as well! This list includes some of the greatest superhero movies as well as great film adaptations of graphic novels, which may not necessarily feature traditional heroes. Road to Perdition is an awesome example of a comic book turned into a movie that has nothing to do with classic superheroes. These are the best of the best of the comic book movie genre, and many star some of the best actors in all of Hollywood. Furthermore, you'll find that this is far more than just a top ten comic movies list. Vote up your favorites to help them reach the top of the list.

Though not all comic book fans agree on the best comic book movies, some find a few of these comic inspired movies even better than the source material. Whether you prefer Marvel movies or DC movies, there's surely a comic book film on this list that you think is great.

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