The Best Movies Of The 2000s

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This is a list of the best films released between the years 2000 and 2009, the era frequently referred to as the '00s or the "aughts." Though the actual decade is typically counted from the first year (2001) through the tenth (2010), for movies, it seems easier to organize it differently (most people don't consider movies released in 1990 to be '80s movies, for example). So, what are the best 2000s movies? 

The following list mixes films from every genre, and originating in nations from all around the globe. (European cinema seems overall more predominant, with a number of French, British, and Italian films making appearances, but several Asian productions - from China, Japan and Korea - are also represented.) There is also a significant overlap of popular mainstream films (such as Christopher Nolan's "Dark Knight" and Peter Jackson's blockbuster Lord of the Rings trilogy) along with more art house or niche titles. Interestingly, a number of films that were not massive box office successes or particularly noteworthy on theatrical release have grown in esteem over the years. David Fincher's Zodiac was seen as a bit of a let-down when it came out, and was overshadowed by other notable 2007 releases like No Country for Old Men and There Will Be Bood, but now outperforms most of the director's other work in this decade. Similarly, the low-key comic adaptation Ghost World from Terry Zwigoff came and went in 2000 and now makes a high appearance on this list. (This may owe in part to the ongoing popularity of Scarlett Johansson, for whom Ghost World provided a breakthrough role.)

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