Stunning Female Comic Book Characters, Ranked

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Must be originally from a comic book and any female character counts!

These characters are the most attractive comic book women of all time ranked by dedicated comic fans from all over the world. This list of beautiful comic book women includes stunning superheroes and the equally alluring villains they fight against – from Wonder Woman to Catwoman. Anyone can vote on this list of sexy female superheroes and supervillains, and you can even add your own list to these rankings. Whether it's their mighty superpowers, their scintillating costumes, or their spot on one-liners, these characters make all the comics they appear in some of the hottest comics on the shelf, it's amazing the pages don't burn up. Now that's a superpower!

These fictional women are more than just sexy superheroes or cartoon characters, they are some of the most powerful characters in their respective universes.

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