The Most Beautiful Female Pop Stars

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Beautiful and alluring women that make pop music.

Making some of the best pop songs, the most stunning pop divas in music from all over the world have been voted on and ranked by fans, music experts, and most likely people that aren't blind. This is the definitive list of beautiful female pop singers, and all other lists are null and void. Who are the prettiest female pop stars of all time? The most gorgeous and talented female pop singers include women who are veterans of the music industry and a few newcomers as well. What makes a pop star? It's a combination of raw charisma and talent that is impossible to ignore -- or deny. This list includes female pop stars who've earned their rightful place in music history,  not only for their songs but their beauty as well. Many of them are among the best current female singers around.

Who is your favorite? Vote them up! And of course, feel free to vote down any female pop singers you don't like, for whatever reason. You can also rerank this list your way, ranking each female pop singer in the order you prefer.

Who comes to mind instantly when you think gorgeous pop diva? From blondes to brunettes, the most beautiful pop stars are listed below. Beyonce would certainly be near the top of many people's lists, along with Shakira, Kylie Minogue and Katy Perry. How about Rihanna? She's proven her talent time and time again in recent years. Christina Aguilera has as well. And is there any doubt in anyone's mind that Alicia Keys is one of the best singers ever to grace a stage?

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