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The Funniest Professional Athletes

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The funniest professional athletes are the stars of the NFL, NBA, MLB and NHL who don't just amaze fans with their athletic skills but also keep their fans and teammates laughing with their jokes, antics and other assorted hilarity. Should these pro athletes ever need a second job or a new career once their football, baseball, basketball or hockey days end, comedy or entertainment would be a great choice.

For the most part, fans see what the athletes do on the field as they watch games in person or on television but on rare occasions we get a glimpse into how these beloved sports stars act in real life. Some athletes make that easy with their constant tweeting, like New England Patriots wide out Chad Ochocinco, the NHL's best fourth-liner Paul Bissonnette and retired NBA star Shaquille O'Neal. These guys aren't just some of the most followed and most active athletes on Twitter but also easily the funniest athletes on Twitter.

Going beyond social media, other athletes let fans into their lighter side with special appearances and other online fan interactions. Baller Steve Nash, mullet-lover Jared Allen and all-star pitcher C.J. Wilson are all frequent stars of their own YouTube videos where they do all kinds of wacky things. MLB player Brian Wilson, whose beard alone could get a laugh, has also starred in hilarious videos, in between other antics like showing up to the ESPY Awards in a spandex tuxedo and filming funny commercials.

Others have more of a subtle sense of humor that comes out in small doses during media appearances and locker room interviews. There is however a trend for impersonations, just as Dwight Howard, who can do a mean impersonation of coach Stan Van Gundy, or Pittsburgh Steeler Crezdon Butler who can do a hilarious impersonation of coach Mike Tomlin.

However these athletes are funny, they show us a softer, more human side of our favorite sports stars. Since we can't get all of our favorites athletes to share their lives with reality shows, these brief looks into their lives, whether it's scripted comedy or just them being their funny selves, will have to do.
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    He was caught trespassing at a women's prison in Italy (October 2010) He racked up $300,000 in team fines last season (2010-11)
    He racked up $10,000 in parking tickets, and had his Maserati impounded 27 times (2010)
    He "pranked" youth players by throwing darts at them (March 2011) He got Man City eliminated from the Europa League by getting a red card for a karate kick (March 2011)
    A little boy on the street told Mario he was being picked on, so Balotelli went to his school and confronted the bully (May 2011)
    He couldn't figure out how to put on a warm-up bib during a game (May 2011)
    He was benched for showboating and missing a wide-open goal in L.A. (July 2011)
    He burned down his bathroom after shooting fireworks from his window (October 2011)
    He stomped on an opponent's head (January 2012)
    He had a mock sword fight at an Indian restaurant while violating curfew (December 2011)
    He stopped at a local high school, used the bathroom and left (January 2012)
    As a 19-year-old at Inter Milan, Balotelli appeared on Italian comedy show Striscia la noticia and was presented with the shirt of the club’s bitter city rivals AC Milan (March 2010)
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