The Greatest Second Basemen of All Time

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Only players who are known primarily as second basemen and not other infield positions

The greatest 2nd basemen of all time include some of the most iconic names in MLB history. Many of the names on this list are famous players who dominated during the pre-1950s era of Major League Baseball, like Rogers Hornsby and Jackie Robinson, but a few modern-era players like Joe Morgan and Ryne Sandberg are also considered among the best. These guys are the best second basemen in the league and make some of the toughest plays look so incredibly easy, with excellent fielding skills.

Who do you think deserves the honor of the best 2nd baseman of all time? Vote for your favorite second baseman and rerank this list any way you like. The greatest second basemen of all time were slap hitters that got on base and set the table for their team. In recent years, the trend has shifted towards power, and that's changing the face of the 2-bagger dramatically. Like some of the greatest first basemen ever, these 2nd base players were true leaders on their respective teams. From Joe Morgan and Jackie Robinson (arguably two of the greatest baseball players ever) to modern players like Cano and Pedroia, every player listed here played (or plays) a key role for their team and many are power hitters.
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